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Josh & Steph's Blanket Fort Standup Party!

Josh, Steph, Ben, and Gino were hanging out on Thursday, October 8, 2015. Josh and Steph half-jokingly came up with an idea: Let's build a blanket fort on our deck and host a standup show. Ben half-jokingly agreed to help build the blanket fort. At noon on Saturday, October 10, 2015, Josh decided that they should actually do it. He enlisted Ben's help and a blanket fort was built. Comedy was performed that night. A month later, they did it again. A month after that, they did one more time.

The success of these first three shows was greater than anyone ever imagined. That's why the Saturday, February 27th Blanket Fort Standup Party is being held at BETA Theater. This will be our FIFTH show! Say whaaaat?!


Coleman Cox, Jerry Emeka, Chism Cornelison, David Toscano, Brenda Valdivia and AA. 

Pay What You Can (Suggested $6$. BYOB (booze and blankets). Bicycle, carpool or Taxi/Uber for extra blanket points.*
Doors at 10:30 PM. Stand up at 11:30PM. Let's party!
*blanket points are very valuable

Earlier Event: February 26
Later Event: February 28
Really Really Open Mic