I wonder what the teacher’s gonna look like this year
— David Lee Roth

Beta Theater Improv Instructors

Jeromy Barber   , Founder

Jeromy Barber , Founder

Jeromy Barber is a Houston-based producer, director, and educator who creates content and experiences that evoke a sense of playfulness and mystery. Barber’s work encourages a connective relationship with the audience and covers a range of visual media, including independent film, commercial productioninteractive web series, and live events. He is the co-founder of Dinolion, a production company that develops live action and animated content, and immersive experiences. Dinolion is currently wrapping production on a documentary about legendary Houston music venue, Numbers Nightclub

Barber’s career began in NYC where he trained in improvisation with THE Second City and produced dozens of independent films, including a projectS for New Yorker cartoonist, Matthew Diffee and TELEVISION AND FILM DIRECTOR, Scott Teems. He has worked with Arrested Development’s Tony Hale, Best Friends Forever and Playing House's Lennon Parham, and a host of other talent.

In addition to his film projects, Barber is also the founder of BETA Theater, where he invests in the future of Houston’s creative scene. At BETA, Barber acts as Improv Instructor, Creator of live shows (Stalk Show, Triple Header, Guest Room, Carol et. al.), and Director/Producer of comedic digital shorts (The Dinner Party, Dawn, Dibs on Breakup, Jacky Don’t know Sports, etc.).

Barber is a leader in Houston’s current cultural evolution through his involvement in events such as the Houston Improv Festival (where he served as Producer for 2015 and 2016) and his current role as Festival PRODUCER for Rush Process Festival of Handmade Animation.

Traci lavois thiebaud

Traci lavois thiebaud

Traci is a poetess, zinestress, and more who you’ve probably seen on the streets banging out poems on an old fashioned typewriter for barter or helping run shit at Beta Theater or maybe just galavanting around town in various states of undress. Traci earned  a bachelor's degree in theater performance from the university of houston . She was a troupe member at Comedy sportz for  three years during her college days, then set off to the west coast where she completed the improv training program at upright citizens brigade. 

Traci is the founder and head bitch at whatever, mom publications, a diy tiny press specializing in literary consumables for local weirdos. she tours around the country, slangin' poems and bound goodness as she goes. She is a member of Beta's house improv troupe, MAx,  and creator and producer of the wildly popular vice squad ( a monthly head-to-head improv show with a twist!)