The Rush Process Workshop

Animation and Design by Traci Thiebaud at  Dinolion

Animation and Design by Traci Thiebaud at Dinolion

Dave Merson Hess is a diverse and talented artist, Animator, Composer and Filmmaker. He is also the Director of Rush Process, a hand-crafted animation festival presented at Aurora Picture Show.  BETA has worked with him as an Animation Educator and a Producer for various shows.

A bit of trivia, Dave produced the animation we stole a still from for BETA's logo. Here it is:

Inspired by BETA's Make-A-Movie Night, he approached us to hold an animation workshop in conjunction with the festival where people show up, divide into teams, improvise a bunch of quick scenes, pick our favorite scenes, assign them to groups, create short animations and screen them that day. And that's what we did. We met at The Waughford on the Sunday after the festival, and made the following:

Keep an eye out for our next Rush Process Animation workshop. I heard a rumor that movement is involved with the next.

Thank you to all those who participated, and special thanks to Dinolion for supplying a lot of the necessary equipment to pull off such a rush process and screening of very fun work.

What BETA Theater is All About

People ask us all the time what BETA is all about. What are its goals? How is it different from other places in town?

We could talk about how we're an incubator of local talent. We could comment on how BETA is perceived as the punk rock of comedy in Houston.  We might humble brag about the professional accolades of our leaders or the success of our original shows. I don't know if these trains of thoughts answer the questions effectively or accurately even... especially that punk rock stuff.

The questions can all be answered in one swoop. BETA Theater is all about empowering people. At work, in their communities, and on the stage, our goal is simply to help you realize your goals. 

Every individual who walks through BETA's door, comes for different reasons and goals. Some want to be a better actor or audition better. Some people want to be more creative and confident at work. Some people just want something fun to do and meet new friends.

And we believe improv is a powerful tool to empower all these people and all their unique goals. We encourage you to check out our classes and see for yourself. Improv truly changes people's lives.